Cost: $0 Free.
  • Open Source.
  • Community support.
Running Monitoring.
  • Web Interface - Rocket Job Mission Control.
  • Monitor and manage every job in the system.
  • View current status.
Running Priority based processing.
  • Process jobs in business priority order.
  • Dynamically change job priority to push through business critical jobs.
Running Cron replacement.
class Job < RocketJob::Job
  key :login, String
  key :count, Integer

  validates_presence_of :login
  validates :count, inclusion: 1..100
  • Validate job parameters when the job is created.
class MyJob < RocketJob::Job
  after_start :email_started

  def perform

  # Send an email when the job starts
  def email_started
  • Extensive callback hooks to customize job processing and behavior.
  • Similar to Middleware.
  file_name: 'file.csv',
  priority:  5
Familiar interface.
  • Similar interface to ActiveRecord models.
Folder Trigger Jobs when new files arrive.
  • Dirmon monitors directories for new files.
  • Kicks off a Rocket Job to process the file.
Folder High Performance.
  • Over 1,000 jobs per second on a single server.
Folder Reliable.
  • Reliably process and track every job.
Folder Folder Folder Scalable.
  • Scales from a single worker to thousands of workers across hundreds of servers.
Rails Fully supports and integrates with Rails.
Ruby Can run standalone on Ruby.


class ImportJob < RocketJob::Job
  # Create a property called `file_name` of type String
  field :file_name, type: String

  def perform
    # Perform work here, such as processing a large file
    puts "The file_name is #{file_name}"

Queue the job for processing:

ImportJob.create!(file_name: 'file.csv')

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