Rocket Job Pro

Designed to meet Enterprise Batch Processing requirements.

Compare Rocket Job features:

Feature Rocket Job Rocket Job Pro
Web UI Y Y
Search in Web UI Y Y
Per Job Priority Y Y
Scheduled Jobs Y Y
Cron Replacement Y Y
Individual Job Status Y Y
Error Handling Y Y
Callbacks / Middleware Y Y
Future Jobs Y Y
Unique Jobs Y Y
Per Job Processing Window Y Y
Expiring Jobs Y Y
Auto-restart Jobs Y Y
File arrival triggers job Y Y
Job Metrics Y Y
Centralized Logging Y Y
High Performance Y Y
Reliable Y Y
Scalable Y Y
Retain Completed Jobs Y Y
Job Throttling Y Y
Collect Job Output Y Y
Can run without Rails Y Y
Encryption N Y
Compression N Y
Batch Jobs N Y
Pause & Resume Jobs N Y
Large file support N Y
Multiple output files N Y
Per Batch Job Throttling N Y
Per Job Queue N Y
CSV File Support N Y
Zip File Support N Y
GZip File Support N Y
Load XLSX Files N Y
Commercial Support N Y
License Apache v2 Commercial


An annual subscription is only $1,199 for 100 worker threads.

30 Day money-back guarantee

Zero risk to try out Rocket Job Pro knowing you will receive a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied during the first 30 days.

Development and test environments are included as part of an annual production subscription.

Exclusively for Rocket Job Pro subscribers: Direct access to the support and development team via:

100 worker threads are sufficient to cover many Ruby production environments since Rocket Job Pro is more efficient at batch processing and requires far less workers than competing solutions. These workers can be split up as needed and spread across as many physical or virtual machines as needed.

Additional worker threads can be purchased in blocks of 100, with discounts applied as additional blocks of workers are purchased.

Purchase Rocket Job Pro

To purchase a subscription for Rocket Job Pro, or to answer any other questions, please contact sales at: